Colour effect glass for art

What colour effect glass has to offer art

Glass art has a new design material in the form of colour effect glass: this is a glass that appears clear at first glance, but appears brilliantly coloured when the viewing angle changes.

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Camilla Richter: "And A And Be And Not“

Our colour effect glass

FS Green 505550 / Magenta, intense colour effect
FS Blue 495 / Yellow, intense colour effect
FS Magenta 455645 / Green, intense colour effect
FS Yellow 525 / Blue, intense colour effect
FS Cyan 555 / Red, intense colour effect
FS Mauve 480-630 / light green, intense colour effect
FS Orange 585 / blue, intense colour effect
FS Pink 450 600 / cyan, intense colour effect
FE Cyan / yellow colour effect
FE Orange / blue colour effect
FE Pink / cyan colour effect
FE Red / cyan colour effect
FM Blue / orange colour effect
FM Green / magenta colour effect
FM Turquoise / pink colour effect
FM Yellow / blue-violet colour effect

Application and processing

Colour effect glass panes are available in thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and in dimensions up to 5.80 x 2.55 m in butt joints, or max. 1.08 x 0.8 m as a single pane. The coating can be applied to float glass or borosilicate glass. For exterior use, we manufacture the panes as triple-laminated safety glass (LSG); for interior use also as double-laminated LSG. Colour effect coatings on curved panes or glass bodies (tubes) are possible as well. Coated glass can also be embedded as an inlay in laminated glass. Further information on materials and processing:


References for art / art in architecture

Harpa, Reykjavik Facade

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Time suspended" Minneapolis

by Alexander Tylevich

Dual light prisms Vaduz

by Heinz Mack

"Colour Fields" Frankfurt a. M.

by Inga Danysz

Chapel window

by Michèle Janata


by Camilla Richter

"Our Spectral Vision" London

by Liz West

"Friendly coexistence spheres"

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Light Catching Shadows"

by Camilla Richter

Stage design "Moving Colours"

by Yoko Seyama

"Care and power sphere"

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Spectra Blinds"

by Rona Meyuchas Koblenz

"In real life"

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Trap I - V"

by Jesse Magee

"Static Sundown"

by Camilla Richter


by Sodalime

Success story

Exemplary for the consulting and service offered by Prinz Optics is the cooperation with the young artist Inga Danysz, born in Warsaw in 1990, in the realisation of her walk-in colour effect glass sculpture "Color Fields". The project was a highly complex task: the artist wanted large, curved panes of our transparent and at the same time colour-reflecting dichroic glass for her sculpture in front of the new "Johanna Quandt Centre" of the Frankfurt University Hospital.

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Our unique glass for art and "percent for art"

Colour effect glass has the ability to generate vibrant colours from white light. The resulting colours and colour gradients change with the change of light beam trajectories and the movement of the viewer. This glass is an inspiring design material for sculptural glass art that is particularly suitable for “percent for art” properties thanks to its weather resistance attributes. Where architectural design is to be supported by appropriate colouring, dichroic glass not only meets all aesthetic requirements but also all safety and durability requirements.

The dichroic colour effect depends on the lighting. In daylight, there is an effective overlapping of the colours from the reflective effect and the transmission effect. At night, colour perception depends on the position of the light source and the viewer. If both are in front of the filter glass, the reflective effect (and the corresponding colour or colours) dominates. If the viewer is on one side of the filter and the light source on the other, the transmission effect (transparency – and the corresponding colour or colours) dominates. Colour gradients that are always composed of subtractive colours are also possible. With our range of more than 20 different colour effects, all colours of the visible spectrum can be shown. On request, we can also create further colour variations and different colour gradients. The colour range of the gradients, and their length, can be selected here as well. 

We will be happy to provide you with glass samples appropriate for your project.


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