Optical filters for lighting technology

Creating coloured light, changing the colour temperature of light sources, splitting light beams, preventing UV radiation – use Prinz Optics dichroic lighting filters for these applications. These filters allow you to accentuate lighting situations, create indirect lighting and protect light-sensitive goods from fading.

Coating options

Float glass, Borofloat, clear glass and glass ceramic are the substrates that we coat – in varying thicknesses – using the sol-gel method. Highly homogeneous and ultra-thin layers can be achieved with this dip coating technique. The filters produced as a result are insensitive to heat and UV rays and also do not age.

We manufacture our filters in different sizes and in round and square shapes as well as in custom shapes on request. Be sure to take advantage of our consulting service as well.

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Our standard optical filters for lighting technology (selection)

Range of applications

When used as a cover for (street) lamps, anti-reflection (AR) filters increase light transmission. Half mirrors or splitter mirrors are used when, for example, a light source for office lights is to be divided into direct and indirect light. The colour matching of the lighting is enabled by corresponding conversion filters.

Our range of finely graduated colour filters made of glass in all basic colours, as well as additional colour-correcting filters (CTO and CTB / various colour balance filters +/- green), is used for façade illumination and show, stage and interior lighting. Our filters also enable the desired illumination or lighting of photo, film and television studios, as well as colour filtering with recording equipment. In addition, we offer different filter bands for “traditional” light sources or for LED lighting.

The use of UV filters, including in front of LED lights, is necessary when UV radiation has to be prevented. All filters can be adapted to the LED spectrum.

Our lighting filters are also recommended for use with light that promotes growth in “greenhouse farming”.

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Colour table / White paper

Comparative colorscale of dichroic filters

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Whitepaper optical filters

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