Optical filters

High-pass and low-pass filters, UV and IR filters, half mirrors and customised products for the modification of light

Colour effect glass

Transparent, permanent nano-layers on glass transform white light – depending on its angle of incidence and the viewer’s angle of vision – into brilliant coloured light

Functional coatings

Coatings are used to make glass, plastic, metal and ceramic surfaces hydrophobic/hydrophilic, electrically conductive and photocatalytic

Anti-reflection coatings

For example for displays and glass panes: improve visibility and increase contrast, protect displays by means of heat reflection filters

Specialist for ultra-thin glass coatings for the production of light filters for industry, science and creative design

Optical filters

For industry, lighting technology, science, medical technology and product presentations

We offer a comprehensive range of products that make it possible to modify light in order to meet the needs of users: standard filters that block incidental radiation according to certain criteria (e.g. according to wavelength – from UV to IR radiation), change the colour temperature, split it, etc.

Colour effect glass

For architecture, interior, design, art and lighting design

With its fascinating colour effects generated from white light, our dichroic coated glass is ideal for effective façade and interior design, for furniture design, and for light art and the creation of art objects. It is as temperature and weather resistant as it is easy to use.

Functional coatings

Photocatalytic, hydrophilic/hydrophobic, electrically conductive

Wafer-thin, invisible and translucent coatings on substrates such as glass, metal and plastic enable surfaces to not only react to external influences but also to act effectively. They can thus take on special tasks and functions. 

The photocatalytic coating enables the purification of air and the eradication of germs and odours.

Coatings with a hydrophobic or hydrophilic effect change the wetting properties of the surfaces, e.g. for an anti-fog coating.

Transparent, electrically conductive coatings made of glass can be used, for example, for resistance heating or to dissipate surface charges.

Anti-reflection coatings

For example on displays and glass panes; hardened or heat-reflecting

Anti-reflection coatings (AR filters) are used to prevent interfering reflections at certain wavelengths. When used on protective glasses in laser devices, they improve performance; when used on light sources, they increase brightness.

Latest news

Prinz Optics has developed a chemically temperable version of its three-layer anti-reflection coating: AR4 CH


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