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Ólafur Eliasson lässt Farbeffekt-Glas in der Berliner Staatsoper erstrahlen
Baroque light

Ólafur Eliasson casts the Berlin "Staatsoper" in a new light with colour effect glass

Colour effect glass

for architecture, construction, design and art

Discover dichroic glass – a colour effect glass that is crystal clear one moment and, at a different perspective and angle of light entry, appears in full colour the next.

Various coatings on clear transparent glass allow nearly every colour in the visible spectrum to be produced. Dichroic glass on the façades of major edifices and design and art objects are now captivating people across the world with its unique play of colour and light.

Fascinating effects

Lighting filters

For lighting design and entertainment

Shine the right light on studios, stages, façades, trade fair booths and photo subjects.

Our lighting filters feature high transmittance, subtractive colour mixing and high temperature resistance. On stage, for the lighting of interiors and façades, and in architecture.

Our product range

Correction filters

for goods displays and booth construction

Attract customers with the right lighting. And increase their desire to buy. Our lighting filters for various types of lighting, especially LEDs, make the colours of food and textiles at the POS or at trade fairs even more appealing.

With our conversion filters, the colour design possibilities are endless: A broad palette of finely graduated conversion filters in both directions (CTO and CTB) and a wide range of balance filters (+/- green) are available.

Our correction filters

Technical filters

for light technology, medical technology, displays and more

To adapt light to your specific needs, we offer standard products, coatings and tailored solutions in many applications

  • for generating standardised light in test devices for light resistance,
  • UV paint curing,
  • UVA, UVB and UVC ray blocking,
  • 3D imaging with colour-neutral, semi-transparent mirrors,
  • antireflective coating of protective glass for processing lasers,
  • reducing thermal radiation from Xenon lamps (IR filters), and
  • usage of thermal radiation through reflection of the visible light.

Our technical filters