Colection of design objects - "Dichroic" by Sodalime

Collection "Dichroic" by Sodalime

"Light object" by Sodalime: A mirror with infinite overlappings of clolours

"Wall object" by Sodalime: quivering color effects

Sodalime: Ruud Groeneveld and Carissa Ten Tije

Multi-coloured, multi-faceted:

A collection of multi-coloured and multi-layered appearing design objects for the Milan Design Week

To mark their début at the design trade fair in Milan, the designer duo Sodalime have created the "Dichroic" Collection: A series of objects with multi-faceted designs that accentuate the character of colour-effect glass. Depending on the viewing angle and the incident angle of light, transparent glass becomes surprisingly coloured. A fascinating interplay of colour occurs. The desire to understand this phenomenon stimulates the dialogue between the observer and the object.

The artistic duo consider their collection as an homage to the fascinating material of dichroic glass.

Project details

Designer:Sodalime: Ruud Groeneveld and Carissa Ten Tije
Photographer:1. Nicole Marnati
2. Sodalime
3. Sodalime
4. Alex Jurtan – Drop of Lemon  @drop_of_lemon

Colour effect glass used in this project

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