Anti-reflection coatings = AR filters

Anti-reflection coatings = anti-reflective glass = AR filter = anti-reflection filter = coatings which minimise the reflection on the lower boundary air/glass. In float glass, the reflection is reduced from approx. 4% to approx. 0.5% per boundary surface. This is accompanied by an increase in transmission of approx. 7 %.

This image for the broadband anti-reflection in the visible area shows the very good colour neutrality in transmission. At the same time, the slightly violet-coloured reflection clearly illustrates the coating.

This type of filter is used for protective glass on Neodym YAG lasers with a wavelength of 1064 nm. The image clearly shows its high transparency; the coating can be clearly recognised by the pink reflection.

Glass types and sizes

There are anti-reflection coatings for larger wavelength ranges (broadband anti-reflection filters Type AR4) and for certain wavelengths (Type AR2 - specified wavelength).

The AR filters are offered in the following materials / thicknesses / sizes

In addition, we also provide even smaller filter sizes with less material thickness . We can cut the filters round as well as in any other shape – please see customised Glass Cutting Service.

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Standard glass thicknesses

Float glass2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm
Borofloat1.1 mm2 mm3.3 mm5.5 mm6.5 mm
Clear glass2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm

Standard sizes

minimumin mm range depending on material
maximumgross 1,150 x 850 mm / net 1,080 x 800 mm

Application examples

3D printers with UV polymer

Anti-reflective panes of glass are used for the composition of the polymer tank in 3D printers which, via a UV-curing polymer, provide the 3-dimensional structure, ensuring a high transmission of the UV light required for curing. The AR4 350-420 broadband anti-reflection coating used is optimised to allow the required UVA radiation to pass through.

Our standard AR filters in the near UV range

Filter typeReflection maximum 
AR4 350-420Antireflection in the near-UV range/media/573

Surgical lighting

For surgical lighting, an anti-reflective and defined light-diffusing glass pane, type AR2-550 on gloss etched glass, for the visible light is used as the cover lens. It ensures high light efficiency, shadow-free work and a hygienic finish to the operating area.

AR filter for surgical lights

Filter typesReflection maximum 
AR2-550Reflection < 0.5% at 550 nm/media/306
AR4Reflection < 1% for λ= 450 nm - 650 nm/media/314

Protective glass for lasers

Anti-reflective front glass protects costly laser beam-guiding optics in tough industrial use, e.g. type AR2-1064 on Borofloat for Nd:YAG welding lasers.

Transmission-increasing protective glass for lasers

Filter typesReflection maximum 
AR2-550Reflection < 0.5% at 550 nm/media/306
AR2-1064Reflection < 0.5% at the selected wavelength 1064 nm/media/312

You can find an overview of all options for our anti-reflective glass here

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Whitepaper optical filters

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Whitepaper optical coatings

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