Liz West - "Our Spectral Vision"

"Our Spectral Vision" in London

Dichroic filters in a spectral installation

An installation with dichroic filters by artist Liz West for the exhibition "Colour and Vision": 

"Our Spectral Vision" at the Natural History Museum, London

Dichroic color effect glass changes its color depending on light and the angle of view. An aspect, which plays a major role in the exhibition “Colour and Vision” at the Natural History Museum, London. Artist Liz West created an installation with dichroic filters celebrating the large human visionary spectrum. See a video of the creation process here (youtube).

Liz West was inspired by Isaac Newton’s seven-fold colour spectrum and the fascinating blue morpho butterflies with its color effects. An interview with Liz West you will finde here: (The Halo Group article).

Project details

Project:"Our Spectral Vision", Installation for the exhibition "Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature" 
Place:London (United Kingdom)
Artist:Liz West, commissioned by the Natural History Museum. Design and realisation by Nissen Richards Studio
Photographer:Jim Stephenson, Architectural Photography & Films
Copyright:Liz West

Colour effect glass used in this project

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