Optical filters

Our nano-coated glass is used in industry, medical technology, sensor technology, entertainment and science as optical broadband and band-pass filters or as cold light or divider mirrors.

Our optical filters

Areas of application

Prinz Optics coats glass for measurement, display, hardening and of course lighting applications, and for our customers’ special applications as well.

Filters for industry

High-pass and low-pass filters (e.g. for sunlight simulation), dichroic filters, partially transparent mirrors and beam splitters for image processing, 3D visualisation and teleprompters, broad-band anti-reflection coatings of glass for hardening and for material testing.

Filters in medical technology

to reduce heat loads in illuminated zones, for defined light properties in operating theatre lights; in microscopy and endoscopy: for UV radiation and colour regulation in irradiation technology.

Filters for research and development projects

We advise clients on development projects and can meet customer-specific requirements in our laboratory.

Filters for lighting and lighting design

With our expertise, we can put together innovative configurations of our colour effect filters in order to solve lighting problems.

Filters for product lighting

We offer the perfect conversion filters for putting food and textiles as well as exhibits in the “right light”.

Reference example

Our half mirrors / splitter mirrors are used in teleprompters, for example ... More

Success Story

With automatic traffic surveillance, license plates are photographed from a mirror image. PRINZ OPTICS has developed a mirror that reflects only a defined wavelength range and thus prevents unclear ghost images.

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White paper

Whitepaper optical filters

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Whitepaper optical coatings

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Our consulting service

As a customer-focused manufacturer, we are here to support with advice and measures that will help bring your projects to life.