Prinz Optics GmbH

Our company, which was founded in 1992, has advanced to become an experienced specialist for the ultra-thin coating of high-quality glass – and now of metal and plastic surfaces as well.

Automated transport of the coated glasses in the clean room

Coating line hall

30 years of experience in nano-coating

We manufacture optical filters that enable the most diverse modifications of light radiation through the coating of glass surfaces. With a comprehensive range of filters, we meet the specific requirements of our customers in industry, trade, science, medicine and entertainment.

We have been producing colour effect glass since 2002, especially for architects, designers and artists – clear, ultra-thin coated glass that transmits light almost without restriction, but at the same time transforms it into full-toned coloured light, depending on the beam angle and viewing angle.

We view ourselves as a partner to our customers, whom we advise personally and for whom we develop and implement customised solutions for problems if necessary - challenge us!

Our contact details

Simmerner Strasse 7
D-55442 Stromberg

Fon   + 49 67 24 - 60 19 30
Fax   + 49 67 24 - 60 19 311


Our standard products


Here you will find all our standard coatings: Optical filters, Colour effect glass, Functional coatings and Anti-reflective coatings.


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Our consulting service

As a customer-focused manufacturer, we are here to support with advice and measures that will help bring your projects to life.