Colour effect glass for design

Fascinating design effects

Decorative objects, furniture and accessories made of clear glass, which surprisingly shines in many colours when light hits it and inspires designers to come up with fascinating creations.

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Kukka Design Tables, "Frame" exhibition at Milan Furniture Fair

Our colour effect glass

FS Green 505550 / Magenta, intense colour effect
FS Blue 495 / Yellow, intense colour effect
FS Magenta 455645 / Green, intense colour effect
FS Yellow 525 / Blue, intense colour effect
FS Cyan 555 / Red, intense colour effect
FS Mauve 480-630 / light green, intense colour effect
FS Orange 585 / blue, intense colour effect
FS Pink 450 600 / cyan, intense colour effect
FE Cyan / yellow colour effect
FE Orange / blue colour effect
FE Pink / cyan colour effect
FE Red / cyan colour effect
FM Blue / orange colour effect
FM Green / magenta colour effect
FM Turquoise / pink colour effect
FM Yellow / blue-violet colour effect

Application and processing

Colour effect glass panes are available in thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and in dimensions up to 5.80 x 2.55 m in butt joints, or max. 1.08 x 0.8 m as a single pane. The coating can be applied to float glass or borosilicate glass. For exterior use, we manufacture the panes as triple-laminated safety glass (LSG); for interior use also as double-laminated LSG. Colour effect coatings on curved panes or glass bodies (tubes) are possible as well. Coated glass can also be embedded as an inlay in laminated glass. Further information on materials and processing:


Design references

„Chandeliers“ Opera house Copenhagen

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Spectra" Tables

by Kukka Design Studios

"Spectra Blinds"

by Rona Meyuchas Koblenz

"Static Sundown"

by Camilla Richter

Success story

Designer lamp collection "Iris": In cooperation with the Berlin company NEO/CRAFT, manufacturer of innovative design objects, we were faced with an extraordinary challenge: the iridescent coating of glass lamp globes. After intensive thinking and elaborate practical tests, we succeeded in achieving a stable, homogeneous colour-effect coating of spherical surfaces. The result: enchanting spherical lamps iridescent with white light.


A design glass for fascinating objects and interior design

This transparent and at the same time multi-coloured glass inspires designers to come up with surprising, innovative creations. Furniture and objects with or made of dichroic-finished glass offer a charming display of surprising colourfulness, both in residential buildings and in prestigious offices and shops.

The colour effect created by dichroic filters depends on the positions of the light source and the viewer. If both are in front of the filter glass, the reflective effect (and the corresponding colour or colours) dominates. If the viewer is on one side of the filter and the light source on the other, the transmission effect (transparency – and the corresponding colour or colours) dominates.

Choose from more than 20 different complementary colour effects. We can also bring your individual colour ideas to life.

Colour gradients from subtractive colours are also possible, e.g. from orange, yellow and magenta to cyan and blue. The colour range of the gradients, and their length, can be selected as well.

Our consulting service

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