Colour effect glass

Our dichroic (from the Greek “dichroos”, meaning two-tone) colour effect glass inspires architects, designers and artists to come up with creative designs.

Dichroic glass is unique

The transparent, ultra-thin coated glass creates colour without using absorbing pigments. It allows light to pass through almost without restriction and yet, depending on the angle of radiation and the viewing angle, can shine in brilliant colours.

We offer glass in a wide range of colour variations.

The various coatings can be applied to safety glass as well as curved or spherical glass surfaces.

Technical data 

Our colour effect glass

Areas of application

Endless possibilities for combining the functionality of glass with colour aesthetics: Glass that is clear at first glance appears in brilliant colours when the viewing angle changes. Can be used as single-pane glass, double-pane or triple-pane laminated glass or safety glass.


For impressive façades and charming interiors, as well as for “percent for art” properties. Available sizes and processing information can be found here:


Glass with radiant colours enables new approaches for the design of interiors, furniture and accessories. For product information:


The equally fascinating and inspiring material for the design of artworks for indoor and outdoor display, including a consulting service. Glass art has a new design material in the form of colour effect glass. Glass that is clear at first glance appears brilliantly coloured when the viewing angle changes. For product information:

Light art

Surprising colour and light interplays for illuminations, events and performances. For information and technical data:


All over the world, the radiance of our colour effect glass serves as an architectural or artistic attraction  – like here in Reykjavik

Success Story

The cooperation between the young artist Inga Danysz, born in Warsaw in 1990, and Prinz Optics in creating the walk-through sculpture of colour effect glass “Color Fields” is paradigmatic for the company’s service and support centre.  The project was an extremely complex task: for her sculpture at the new “Johanna-Quandt-Zentrum” at Frankfurt’s university hospital, the artist wanted large, curved glass panes from our transparent and yet at the same time colourful, reflective dichroic glass.

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Colour table / white paper

Comparative colorscale of dichroic filters

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Whitepaper Dichroic Filters

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Our consulting service

As a customer-focused manufacturer, we are here to support with advice and measures that will help bring your projects to life.