Anti-reflection coatings on glass

Optical anti-reflection coatings reduce reflections, increase light transmission, reduce glare, promote contrast perception and thus increase visual quality. Our anti-reflection coatings can subsequently be chemically or thermally tempered.

Our standard anti-reflection coatings

Areas of application

Glass with anti-reflection coatings (AR filters)

AR filters are used in industry and medical technology, for example in 3D printers that cure polymers with UV light, in laser beam guidance optics and in medical technology, especially in operating theatre lights. 

Chemically temperable anti-reflection coatings

Chemically temperable anti-reflection coatings are mainly used where there are high mechanical stresses on thin glass, for example in displays for laptops.

Thermally temperable anti-reflection coatings

Thermally temperable anti-reflection coatings can be found in glass from a thickness of 3 mm on larger displays and in more robust applications, e.g. furniture or control cabinets.

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