Yoko Seyama - Ballet production "Moving Colours"

 Yoko Seyama, stage design with dichroic filters "Moving Colours"

Stage design by Yoko Seyama:

Ballet production "Moving Colours" in Essen's Aalto Theater

Dichroic (color effect) glass plays a major role in the ballet production "Moving Colours" in Essen's Aalto Theater. This transparent special glass used by the artist Yoko Seyama for the stage design generates luminous spectral colors from white light, which it reflects, transmits and projects as colored shadows onto the stage floor – a magical interplay of dance and a sparkling performance of light and color.

Project details

Project:Stage design - ballet production "Moving Colours" 
Place:Aalto-Theater, Essen (Germany)
Artist:Yoko Seyama
Photographer:Yoko Seyama
Copyright:Yoko Seyama

Colour effect glass used in this project

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