Jesse Magee - "Trap I - V"

Trap I - V, Jesse Magee, 2021, Ingelheim Art Forum

Captivating installation using colour effect glass:

"Trap I - V" – Multiform artworks made of colour effect glass by Jesse Magee

A trap can catch you, but can also hold you trapped. The title of the glass art series “Trap I - V” by the US-born artist Jesse Magee is a reference to this interplay.

In this series, he uses the visual impact of colour effect glass to create a perfect interplay with the geometric shapes of glass surfaces, such as a hand reaching inside the artwork which is “trapped” in this space, while the multiform glass artworks simultaneously “trap” the light to refract it into a multitude of colours.

The five artworks are each displayed individually on his website: Traps I - V

Jesse Magee’s works are currently on display in the exhibition “Material in Focus - Glass in Contemporary Art” (autumn 2021) in the Ingelheim Art Forum (

Project details

Project:"Trap I - V"
Place:Ingelheim Art Forum (Germany)
Artist:Jesse Magee
Photographer:Articus & Röttgen Fotografie
Copyright:Jesse Magee

Colour effect glass used in this project

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