Electrically conductive coatings

Ultra-thin conductive layers on glass and polymer surfaces are translucent and are used to dissipate surface charges.

Material types and sizes

We can make a wide variety of materials electrically conductive through the use of surface coatings.

We coat all shapes and sizes according to customers’ requirements.

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We coat straight surfaces and glass panes at our production facility in Stromberg.

We manufacture curved shapes and containers at our location in Mainz, Glas-Plus GmbH.

Application examples

Chemical plant engineering

Our organic conductive coatings consist of electrically conductive, transparent polymers. These can be applied to glass surfaces as well as to polymeric materials or coatings. They are used on glass components and ‑equipment in chemical plant engineering to prevent electrostatic charging. We use thermally resistant coatings (ATO or ITO) with reduced electrical resistance.

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