Optical filters for research and development

As coating specialists, we not only offer a comprehensive range of standard filters; we also have the expertise to develop innovative application-specific coatings.

Coating options

Float glass, Borofloat, clear glass and glass ceramic are the substrates that we coat – in varying thicknesses – using the sol-gel method. Highly homogeneous and ultra-thin layers can be achieved with this dip coating technique. The filters produced as a result are insensitive to heat and UV rays and also do not age.

We manufacture our filters in different sizes and in round and square shapes as well as in custom shapes on request. Be sure to take advantage of our consulting service as well.

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Our standard optical filters for research and development

Range of applications

Special filters are available for activities in the field of materials research and ‑testing. For example, solar radiation can be simulated (IR filters) in order to investigate its influence on possible changes to material properties. Conversion filters are used to generate the cold light required in microscopy. If the effect of radiation of certain wavelengths is to be investigated, corresponding colour filters are used.

If you need to determine which filter is right for your particular task, simply get in touch with us. Thanks to our many years of experience in dealing with the special requirements associated with introducing new products, we are able to offer our support as partners and, if necessary, we can also work together with you on your launch.

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Whitepaper optical filters

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Whitepaper optical coatings

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