Colour effect glass for light art

Enchanting light

Colour effect glass, which generates colour from pure light, opens up the possibility for both light art and stage design to create unique lighting effects and surprising colour-light plays.

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Our colour effect glass

FS Green 505550 / Magenta, intense colour effect
FS Blue 495 / Yellow, intense colour effect
FS Magenta 455645 / Green, intense colour effect
FS Yellow 525 / Blue, intense colour effect
FS Cyan 555 / Red, intense colour effect
FS Mauve 480-630 / light green, intense colour effect
FS Orange 585 / blue, intense colour effect
FS Pink 450 600 / cyan, intense colour effect
FE Cyan / yellow colour effect
FE Orange / blue colour effect
FE Pink / cyan colour effect
FE Red / cyan colour effect
FM Blue / orange colour effect
FM Green / magenta colour effect
FM Turquoise / pink colour effect
FM Yellow / blue-violet colour effect

Application and processing

Colour effect glass panes are available in thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and in dimensions up to 5.80 x 2.55 m in butt joints, or max. 1.08 x 0.8 m as a single pane. The coating can be applied to float glass or borosilicate glass. For exterior use, we manufacture the panes as triple-laminated safety glass (LSG); for interior use also as double-laminated LSG. Colour effect coatings on curved panes or glass bodies (tubes) are possible as well. Coated glass can also be embedded as an inlay in laminated glass. Further information on materials and processing:


References for light art

„Chandeliers“ Opera house Copenhagen

by Ólafur Elíasson

Dual light prisms Vaduz

by Heinz Mack

"Our Spectral Vision" London

by Liz West

Stage design "Moving Colours"

by Yoko Seyama

"Tre verdener, to møder og et mellemværende"

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Care and power sphere"

by Ólafur Elíasson

Art projekt "Saiyah" #2

by Yoko Seyama

"Cromotopia Molzbichl" (Austria)

by Victoria Coeln

"In real life"

by Ólafur Elíasson

"Static Sundown"

by Camilla Richter

Success story

The Viennese artist Victoria Coeln uses dichroic filters from various manufacturers, including Prinz Optics, in a way that is very unusual for us: While we do everything to ensure the integrity of the nano-coating, the artist deliberately destroys it partially for her "Chromotope".

More about her work here:

Victoria Coeln

Colour effect filters for lighting design, stage lighting and illumination

Coloured light, just the way you want it! For all requirements of lighting design, light art and stage design, for the illumination of façades, interiors, exhibition stands and photo settings.

Our absorption-free dichroic lighting filters produce the desired coloured light and can change the colour temperature of light sources at will. This makes it easy to illuminate stages and photo, film and television studios and enable colour filtering with recording equipment. The efficiency of these colour filters is based on reflection and thus on the separation of the radiation frequencies of light that are not to be transmitted. Light transmission and reflection, for example, create complementary light shadows that can be used for spectacular effects.

Prinz Optics provides you with more than 20 standard colours. A lighting consultation in the run-up to your lighting installation is just one part of our service.

We also offer a wide range of finely graded glass colour filters in all basic colours as well as other colour correcting filters (CTO and CTB / diverse colour balance filters +/- green). Our glass colour filters for façade lighting and show, stage and interior illumination boast a high degree of stability and temperature resistance. Unlike foils, colour effect glass cannot fade.

Our consulting service

As a customer-focused manufacturer, we are here to support with advice and measures that will help bring your projects to life.