Camilla Richter - „Static Sundown“

Camilla Richter: "Static Sundown" - Lamps with dichroic glass

An LED strip shines through the colour effect glass

Colour effect glass with an LED

Lamp "Static Sundown" with colourful effects

Outstanding design:

"Static Sundown": Luminescent art with dichroic glass by Camilla Richter

The "Static Sundown" lamp is a piece of art, a design object and an extraordinary living accessory at the same time. Moving of the dichroic disc results in a surprisingly new color mood.

Camilla Richter describes her work with this statement: "My artwork is all about clean lines and playful sensuality." See more of her artwork here: 


Technical data: 

  • Height 188 / 208 cm, 
  • Diameter 40 cm; 
  • powder-coated steel
  • dichroic glass and COB LED 

Project details

Project:„Static Sundown“
Artist:Camilla Richter
Photographer:Miriam Lehnart
Copyright:Camilla Richter

Colour effect glass used in this project

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