Yoko Seyama: "Saiyah" #2 (2015) with dichroic lighting filters

Je nach Stellung der Glasfilter ergeben sich vollkommen unterschiedliche Farbüberlagerungen.

Yoko Seyama - "Saiyah" #2

Yoko Seyama:

Saiyah - Light and Color composition #2 (2015) with dichroic glass

„If I had a different possibility of expression, I wouldn‘t need light“

The japanese scenographer and multimedia artist Yoko Seyama uses a white light source which is split into two colours by projection on a spectral window which only lets through a specific colour wavelength while the remaining wavelengths are reflected. The colours are remixed over and over again to create new layers, patterns and colours of the spectrum.

Project details

Object:Light and Color composition "Saiyah" #2
Place:Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo (Japan) / Acud Macht Neu (Berlin) 
Artisti:Yoko Seyama
Photographer:Yoko Seyama
Copyright:Yoko Seyama

Colour effect glass used in this project

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