UV blockers = UV-blocking filter

UV-blocking filters are used, for example, for skin radiotherapy, lighting at film, photo studios or stage and for night lighting.

With this UV-blocking filter, the colour rendering in the transmission is unaltered; at best, a very slight yellow colouring can be seen.

With this type of filters, the light from the blue end of the spectrum is reduced. For example, to protect nocturnal insects.

Glass types and sizes

The UV blockers are offered in the following materials / thicknesses / sizes

In addition, we also provide even smaller filter sizes with less material thickness. We can cut the filters round as well as in any other shape – please see Customised Glass Cutting Service.

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Standard glass thicknesses

Float glass2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm
Borofloat1.1 mm2 mm3.3 mm5.5 mm6.5 mm
Clear glass2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm

Standard sizes

minimumin mm range depending on material
maximumgross 1,150 x 850 mm / net 1,080 x 800 mm


Spectral curve FE Red


Skin radiotherapy

In certain skin diseases, such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis, defined radiation of the affected skin areas can help to alleviate the disease’s symptoms. UVA rays in the range 315 to 380 nm are particularly effective. At the same time, it is imperative that the skin is not exposed to the more severe UVB and UVC rays. This can be achieved by using UV-absorbing TiO2 in the filters, e.g. FE blue filter type = transmission of UVA and blue light with simultaneous blocking of UVB and UVC radiation.

Our standard UV blockers for skin radiotherapy

Filter typesEdge position 
UB4-420870 - 950 nm/media/297
FE blue850 - 900 nm/media/147


In strong light sources, such as HMI lamps or similar high-pressure metal vapour lamps, UV rays are produced in addition to visible light. For most applications (film/set lighting, photo studio, stage, show), these must be reliably blocked. -> UB4 / UB4-420

Light pollution is increasing by 3% every year. The high blue component of modern LED lighting, in particular, magically attracts insects which then perish in it. Our filters drastically reduce the blue component of the light. For example, lighting on ski slopes requires a reduction in the blue component to protect nocturnal insects.  -> UB4-440 / FM yellow

UV blockers for lighting

Filter types     Edge position 
for film/set lighting, photo studio, stage, show: 
UB4400 ±10 nm/media/295
UB4-420400 ±10 nm/media/297
for protecting nocturnal insects: 
UB4-440 /media/298
FM yellow /media/159

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