Half mirror / Semitransparent mirror

Optical mirrors for Lighting and decorative applications.

Filter type M3 is a splitter mirror for decorative and lighting applications. Its transmission is slightly magenta and its reflection is soft green. Transmission and reflection colours can be adjusted to fit.

Glass types and sizes

The half mirrors are offered in the following materials / thicknesses / sizes

In addition, we also provide even smaller filter sizes with less material thickness. We can cut the filters round as well as in any other shape – please see Customised Glass Cutting Service.

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Standard glass thicknesses

Float glass2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm
Borofloat1.1 mm2 mm3.3 mm5.5 mm6.5 mm
Clear glass2 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm

Standard sizes

minimumin mm range depending on material
maximumgross 1,150 x 850 mm / net 1,080 x 800 mm


Spectral curve FE Red


Lighting and decorative applications

Splitter mirrors can be used to create a mixture of direct and indirect light for practically all lighting applications.

When a light source is placed behind (or projected onto) such a filter, this light shines clearly through the filter. When the intensity is reduced or switched off, however, the reflection of the filter comes to the fore. Thus, two worlds can be displayed at the same time.

Depending on the coating of the filter, different colours can also be visualised in terms of transparency/reflection. And create such a range of different atmospheres.

Our standard splitter mirrors for lighting and decorative applications

Filter typesReflection maximum 
M3Rmax >= 70% at 450 - 600 nm/media/304
M1Rmax >= 40% at 400 - 650 nm/media/303

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