Accelerated Outdoor Weathering Testing

UV-Reflexionsfilter - Materialprüfung EMMA von Atlas

Ultra-Accelerated Exposure Testing:

Accelerated Outdoor Weathering Testing with UV-reflection filters used in the Ultra-Accelerated EMMA (UA-EMMA)

The UA-EMMA testing device is used for advanced accelerated outdoor weathering. It provides 10-12 years of South Florida UV radiation exposure in a single year.

The ultra-accelerated EMMA device tracks the sun while concentrating reflected sunlight on test specimens mounted in a target area. UV-reflecting filters made by Prinz Optics allow very high concentrations of UV energy without excessive heating of the tested materials.

More information (UA-Emma page at Atlas)

Project details

Product:Ultra-Accelerated EMMA® / EMMAQUA®
Project:Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH / AMETEC

Optical filters used in this project

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